About Me

Hi. Hello. How are you?

Welcome to A Potter Nerd! I am so excited to start this journey! My name is Angela, I’m a mother of two, and a wife. I currently reside in the warm state of Arizona, thankfully I have a working AC unit to help me survive the heat.

Books have been an important part of my life, as I am sure they are for you too. I’ve struggled with anxiety/depression and they have been my saving grace. (Sorry, was that too deep too soon? Oh well. We’re BFFs now.) 

Fantasy is probably my favorite genre. (I know shocker!) I also enjoy thrillers and retellings. This year I’ve been trying to branch out and read more outside my comfort level.

Are you looking for the part where I explain the blog name? Look no further. I. Am. A. Harry. Potter. Nerd. Not only that, but him and I used to share the same last name. There will be lots of love for all things Potter here.

Oh, by the way, proud Gryffindor here. Hai. The three characters that best represent me are; Hermione (her love for books), Neville (shy but will stand up for what is right), and Luna (a unique personality that most find strange).

Here you will find non-spoiler book reviews, book hauls, TBRs, bookish DIYs and more. I hope to share my love for all things bookish with you and that you enjoy this journey with me. 

All my love, always,