Book Review: Dark Consorts (The Dark Dreamer Trilogy #2) by Amber R. Duell

I received this as an eARC to read for free in exchange for my honest review. Thank you to Amber R. Duell and The Parliament House for giving me access. 

Title: Dark Consort
Author: Amber R. Duell
Published by: The Parliament House
Publication date: October 29th, 2019
Genres: Fantasy, YA, Romance, Paranormal


Nora has faced the horrors of the Nightmare Realm and put a stop to the Weaver. But the girl that went in isn’t the same one who has come out. Now, as the Lady of Nightmares, Nora’s next passage to the Night World will be permanent. Months in the Day World have already taken their toll on her new identity. Her body aches from the strain of magic and her mind is tormented by a powerful darkness. The only thing holding her together is the thought of returning to the place that beckons her as much as it terrifies her.

The Sandman knows Nora needs to return to her realm, but that doesn’t mean he has to like it. Especially when he sees firsthand what happened in the Nightmare Realm since she left. Not only have the nightmares become restless, but Rowan stole the Weaver’s Keep and is gathering an army strong enough to rip the magic from Nora so she can dominate the realm. If the Sandman can put off the inevitable for a few more days, he will.

When Nora finds her own way back to the Nightmare Realm, her relationship with the Sandman stretches thin, but there isn’t time to dwell on hurt feelings. Not when she’s delivered straight to Kail, the masked nightmare that got her into this mess. Unfortunately, her allies are too few and Kail’s desire for Rowan’s death seems to burn as brightly as her own. Nora must decide whom to trust if she wants to survive the Nightmare Realm. And, if she wants to reclaim what’s hers, she must embrace the darkness within.


The moment I put Dream Keeper down, I immediately needed more! Luckily I only had to wait a few months and was able to receive an eARC for Dark Consort.

I couldn’t put this book down. It once again captivated me from page one, all the way to the final page.

This is not the same feel as the first book, which had a Nightmare on Elm Street vibe to it. This is now a war between who gets to rule the nightmares.

If you are still wanting a dark read, never fear. Dark Consorts still has all the darkness you crave and maybe a little more. 

There is not much I can say with out revealing spoilers! All I can really say is YOU NEED TO READ THIS SERIES! I promise it is great!

Oh and also #teamkail.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

What do you think about Dark Consort? Are you going to give it a read? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

All my love, always



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