July 2019 Owlcrate Jr. Unboxing – Zodiac Adventure

*Not affiliated with Owlcrate Jr. I pay for this box with my own money and do not get any incentives for sales.*

My son had his 8th birthday at the end of July and I thought that he would love to get his own book subscription box. I was right. He loved everything in it and I had to hunt down everything just for pictures. There is not enough coffee for the energy I used to look. LOL.

What is it? Owlcrate Jr. A book subscription box geared towards 8-12 year olds. It includes a new middle grade book and bookish goodies that encourage hands on learning, creativity and more!

This months theme was Zodiac Adventures.

The spoiler card is adorable! I’ll take one of each to have for a pet please!

This box was packed full of all kinds of goodies! I love that adults can still enjoy this box, even if they don’t have kids to share it with.

Just like the regular YA box, this box too included an exclusive ceramic mug! Artwork designed by Bonnie Lui. The animals are just so precious.

Stickers. You can never go wrong with stickers. My kids love them and I had to fight them from using these until I could take a photo of them.

This constellation map tapestry is the perfect item needed for my son’s wall! I’m excited to teach my kids the different constellations and see if they can find all 12 zodiac signs!

2019 may be the year of the pig, but we got a lovely hand-painted Rooster figurine from Schleich. The detail on this is absolutely stunning!

In this house we craft. And origami is the best mess free craft there is. Is it complicated? Yes. Do we have a great laugh when our animal comes out looking like a crumpled mess? Yes. Hours of fun and maybe a few papercuts…

My kids fought over this zodiac pocket mirror. I had to convince my daughter that she was getting something equally amazing in her box next month. It took a lot of convincing.

Now you maybe thinking, “But Angela, mirrors break and it could cut your child.” Not this mirror. It is more of a super reflective metal of some kind. (That is not my department of expertise, so don’t quote me on that).

The Zodiac Legacy meets Spirit Animals in this epic, own-voices middle grade fantasy duology.” Goodreads.

This book sounds so interesting and it will make for fun reading time with the kids. Included was a “Dear Reader” letter and a signed bookplate, which I already placed inside.

This cute little paper fan was a fun and quick little activity that the author kindly included in the box. At the top of the fan, you can see all the zodiac animals.

And lastly, the magical pin button! This little piggy is just so cute and I want to squish him.

August’s theme will be Thieves in the Night. Oooh sounds so exciting!

All my love, always



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